Course instructors should check the course start date and make sure it is the Monday of the first week of the semester. You can do this by clicking on Edit settings in the Course administration panel in the right column and selecting the appropriate date for Course start date (directly below Visible in the General block). Also make sure to change the Visible setting to Show when you have your course setup and ready for students to view. Click on Save changes at the bottom of the page after making any changes to the settings. 

Some quick video resources for making courses visible, adding TAs, creating assignments, and more can be viewed in our YouTube playlist. 

If you have a mismatch between ScotWeb and Moodle

If the Moodle participants do not match ScotWeb there are a couple of things you can do. You can just ignore it and let the students get added automatically as they login to Moodle, or you can manually add them using the Enrol users button in the Users > Enrolled users area of the Administration block of your course. When enrolling students manually, be aware that they will be removed each night until they appear on your ScotWeb roster.

Combining sections of the same course

If you are teaching multiple sections of the same course or you and your colleagues teaching the same course want to share resources, you can request to have multiple sections combined into a metacourse by contacting Jon Breitenbucher (

Moodle Information


Course rosters have been automatically synced with Moodle courses.  Please keep in mind that the official roster for courses is Scotweb.  Moodle syncs with Scotweb each evening adding and removing students as reflected in official course enrollments.  If a student is not listed in Moodle, please confirm that they are listed in a Scotweb roster.  If they are listed in Scotweb please wait 24 hours for the sync to occur.  If, after 24 hours, they are still not in a Moodle course, please contact the Help Desk at x4357 or  If the students are not listed in Scotweb please contact the Registrar’s office at X2366 or


If you are interested in accessing Moodle on a mobile device you can download Moodle Mobile from the App Store or Google Play.


Because archived course content resides at a different address than your current courses, using materials from an archived course requires an extra step.   We have documented this process on the IT documentation wiki with both text instruction and an instructional video.

If, after reviewing the instructions, you are uncomfortable moving materials the instructional technology staff is happy to import archived materials into your current course for you.  This will require completing a form and will take a day or two to complete.