ARTH 20700. LATE MEDIEVAL ART This course will introduce students to the art and architecture of the period c.1000-1400 CE in western Europe and the Byzantine Empire. Each week, lectures and discussion - focusing on a particular region, culture, or discrete chronological period - will consider a variety of art historical approaches toward the study of objects (style, iconography, technique, etc.) and their cultural context. Key socio-historical themes and their impact on the arts will be addressed including pilgrimage, the Crusades, monasticism, feudalism, the role of women as artists and patrons, and cross-cultural artistic exchange. The course will cover a wide range of monuments (monasteries, cathedrals, castles and palaces) and a variety of artistic media (manuscripts, textiles, mosaics, frescoes, ivory, and metalwork). ARTH 10100 or 10200 is recommended as a prior course. Alternate years. Spring. [R, AH]